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DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, and adopts technology similar to GSM for mobile phones. It is a European standard, recognised worldwide as a benchmark for high quality cordless communication. With a network of Base Stations on your premises - determined by coverage requirements and density of usage, DECT users can roam freely even whilst on a call, confident that the call will remain connected (DECT Roaming and Handover), secure and without interference. There are no licensing requirements, and no danger of co-channel interference.

Freedom to Roam without Losing Contact

Your staff may not always be available at their desks throughout the day, but still have to be contactable - managers, warehouse staff, technicians etc. No problem; using powerful DECT cordless technology from Telrad, internal and external calls can be made and received anywhere on your premises.

Never Miss a Sales Opportunity

Calls can be transferred to your staff for immediate attention to those important sales enquiries. Impress your customers with your efficiency, and they will be keen to do business with such a responsive, customer-focussed company.