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OAK Report is a powerful reporting solution for single and multisite users who want to take affordable call logging to the next level of sophistication. It has a full range of customisable reports for cost control, response management, traffic analysis, account code billing and much more.

Call Logging Benefits

  • Reduce Costs
    See an immediate reduction of up to 15% in call costs and drive continuing improvements in costs.
  • Retain Customers
    Impress callers by answering their calls quickly and handling their calls effectively.
  • Increase Sales
    Ensure increased levels of telesales activity are being made to generate new sales.
  • Improve Performance
    Work with staff to develop their telephone and telesales techniques.
  • Detect Fraud
    Identify potential telephone fraud early and avoid huge expense.
  • Work smarter
    Reveal new opportunities to improve the way you do business.

More About Call Logging...

Report is designed to manage and improve the use of telecommunications throughout your business, with a wide and flexible range of reports that show you exactly what is going on in a format that is easy to understand and tailored to your business.

Compatible with all telephone systems, Report can give immediate cost savings of up to 15% on calls as well as the associated savings in staff time on those calls. As a result, Report can often pay for itself within three months.

Report will quickly highlight further immediate savings that can be made by terminating unused lines, redeploying unused extensions and identifying and eliminating necessary and private calls.

Report can increase customer satisfaction by helping you ensure that all calls are answered quickly and directed to the correct department first time.

Report can help increase sales by ensuring that telesales activity is as effective as possible. More calls can mean more business opportunities and better customer satisfaction.

Report will alert you quickly to any unusual telephone or trunk activity, thus potential telephone fraud can be recognised early and huge expense avoided.

Report can also highlight the opportunity to increase business efficiency through the use of additional integrated software modules. Whether it’s recording calls, screen popping your contact database, or displaying vital call and business information on a wallboard, Oak has got it covered.

Report works hard for businesses and call centres of any size, as well as multiple sites, delivering the maximum benefit at the most cost effective price.

Contact Telrad UK to discuss your full business requirements and receive a no obligation Call Logging proposal.