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Line Rentals from Telrad UK provide the full range of landline services you would expect such as the following features:

  • 1471 - identify the last caller on your line
  • Outgoing Call Barring - allows you to bar certain telephone numbers being called from your lines
  • Call Waiting - notifies you of incoming calls whilst you're on the line
  • Call Minder - for telephones without an answer phone facility
  • Ring Back - a dedicated ring tone starts when the engaged line becomes available
  • Choose to Refuse - helping you stop malicious, nuisance calls
  • Call Diversion - divert calls to another number when your line is busy

The Benefits

All your existing lines, for instance your telephone, broadband and fax lines are integrated into the Jungle Network without any disruption to you or your lines and most importantly the day-to-day running of your business. The benefits of choosing Telrad UK to provide your Line Rentals are

  • Discounted rates to save you money on your monthly bills
  • Upgrade and installation of existing and additional lines
  • Multiple products, one bill that's easy and simple to understand each month
  • Customer services 365 days a year

Contact us now to review your current telephone bills and we can save you money while enhancing your customer service.