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I am being told my system is obselete - Not true, if you have a Telrad system then it can be supported, expanded and if required upgraded to the latest levels. You may be told this by a telecom reseller who is trying to get you to purchase a new Telephone System

Can I still get new equipment - Absolutely, new equipment is still being manufactured plus there is plenty of refurbished equipment also available, we can offer you a quotation for new or refurbished.

I have been told manufacturer support is no longer available - We can obtain manufacturer support where required.

How can you offer service suppport where other resellers cannot - Quite simple we have the experience in house, our engineers have decades of combined experience on the Telrad product range, we specialise in a small number of systems so we can claim to be 'specialists' as we are loyal to the brands we support.

I have been told Telrad no longer exists - Not true, like most modern telecoms companies Telrad has undergone many changes but equipment is still being manufactured and supported.